Favorite gun wisecrack

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Favorite gun wisecrack

#1 Post by Steve007 »

The favorite wisecrack thread seems to have deteriorated to discussing urinary matters ( which I heard is common among men of the age of the participants). So l'll put up my favorite gun/trap humor comment by Terry Boyer.

When a skeet guy shoots a 23, he works on his form. When a trap guy shoots a 23, he works on his gun. When he shoots a 24, he buys a new gun.

steve voss
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#2 Post by steve voss »

Heard while 007 was "mastering" the Model 37....."He rolls over so far that gun is a side ejector." :roll:

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#3 Post by kgb »

Speaking of urinary matters, ol' 007 said he forgot to zip his fly after taking care of just such a matter with this resulting damage to the course structure....


It so aroused Voss that he couldn't help taking the opportunity to cop a feel.


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#4 Post by Digger »

So thats what happened to my shooting station !! :?

Colonel Brown
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#5 Post by Colonel Brown »

Elsewhere I blamed Harwood for that, and it's hard to tell from the photographic evidence which of those two culprits was really to blame. After it broke for Harwood, the barrel was positioned so as to hold the stand together. So the question is . . . which came first, the Finkel or the Harwood?

Brent XVI'er
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#6 Post by Brent XVI'er »

Good one ,Larry. :lol:

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