Thank you all.

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Yes, thanks Digger for suppling the venue, Voss and Hink and Tiny for their part, without it could not have happened.....
I had a lot of fun, although next year I'll have to bring a bigger shovel...gets a bit deep in the clubhouse about 8pm on the Saturday!
I have had several folks call me and ask where I was last few days, I said I went down to Nebraska for a shoot with a bunch of nice guys, had a few brews, hit a couple targets, a good visit, walked around a lot, and one said "you drove 2 days there and back, you spent money on shells and targets and you did not even win a prize?"
Right, but you cannot buy experiences like this with money. If you are really lucky you may be invited to shoots like this. You have to have the bond with those who know how to load 2" shells and are willing to share the knowlege.
Just a great weekend!

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Well said, Mike!

BTW, check your PM...

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