Distances & Chokes ?

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#46 Post by steve voss » Fri May 02, 2008 7:03 pm

sd/mt pga pro wrote:Well, I pick several gallons of wild plums late each summer and if you promise to mail no less than two jars of jelly back by Christmas, I will send a lug of them back with you in October. :D You can take Scott's raspberries back with you as well. And if you shoot well, sharpies, huns and pheasants too.

If Tiny shoots well with that 25-06 you will be forced to take goat home with you , even if it means everything else stays here.
It's a promise. Starting to look like we'll be bringing the F-150 crew cab, so we should have room for everything. I served marinated and grilled prairie chicken breasts for a dinner party last night. Two new couples to them and, as before, the ladies both asked for seconds. I don't know whether to show you how or keep my mouth shut and take home all the sharpies.


PS: any raspberries you give me may not make Nebraska. :D
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#47 Post by sd/mt pga pro » Fri May 02, 2008 7:25 pm

Just remember that those are Hink's raspberries you are talking about. If they don't make it to Nebraska, it is him you will have to face.

And I promise you, you can have every Sharpie I shoot. In fact, I don't shoot them unless somone will take them home.

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